Guided Studio Visits to Itaca Atelier are available upon request.

Monica Martin invites you to have a daily guided tour inside the Studio, followed by a promenade inside the enchanting large fifteenth-century cloister and the garden of about 4000 square meters, to know the story of the former Convent SS. Cosma and Damiano.

The artist welcomes you also to an hour of art making in her Artspace. Students, conosseurs, art lovers and tourists are welcomed to different kinds od workshops, classes and practical experiences, dedicated to several tecniques: painting, engraving, drawing, modeling and sculpture. This opportunity to explore materials, experiment with processes and different tecniques will encourage you to think like artists and to be inspired by the artists’ ideas, enjoying this paradise corner into one of the secret places of the historic Art District, upon Giudecca island.

For enquiries about workshops, classes and guided tours, please write to info@itacaartstudio.com

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